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  • Police maintain a strong presence in Paris days after the deadly Paris attacks by ISIS.

    A key climate change conference in Paris is set to go ahead in less than two weeks — despite security concerns after Friday's terrorist attacks.

  • The Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu National Park, Australia

    Radioactive metal uranium was the top-performing mining commodity in price terms this year and looks set to gain further in 2016.

  • Lofoten Islands, Norway

    What does Ireland share in common with the Nordic countries? The answer: They may be the least vulnerable to climate change in the world.

  • Three vehicles crashed into a creek close after the road washed out from beneath them in Broomfield Colorado, September 12, 2013.

    Lloyd’s of London called on the insurance industry to factor climate change into risk models on Thursday.

  • Jatropha

    To celebrate Earth Week, we asked members of our exclusive Young Presidents' Organization Chief Executive Network to tell us how their companies go green.

  • Alava in north Spain, where exploration projects are underfoot for shale gas

    Spain could drill and frack its way out of sky-high unemployment and a struggling economy, according to a report this week by consultancy Deloitte.

  • Mark Hebner

    A big loss by pension giant CalPERS highlights the perils of investing based on principles alone. Young Presidents' Organization member Mark Hebner reveals his strategy.

  • Tupperware: Saving the Earth with Plastic

    Tupperware CEO Rick Goings discussed the popularity of his company's reusable water bottles, global growth and what's in store for consumers the rest of 2013.

  • Hybrids Go Mainstream

    Hybrids used to be for the early adapters and eco-friendly Hollywood elite, but now they are really going mainstream, reports CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

  • Happy Earth Week! Earth-Friendly Trades

    The "Fast Money" traders share their "earth-friendly" trades.

  • Cargo truck

    New developments could mean big things for alternative energy and related stocks.

  • Ford Focus Electric

    Kelly Blue Book attempts to answer which fuel-efficient car should be picked from its list of Top 10 Green Cars for 2013.

  • A driver backs his truck into a bay at a Waste Management trash processing facility in Cicero, Illinois.

    Waste Management CEO David Steiner chats with CNBC about how his clients are going green and whether his company will be able to profit from recycling.

  • Martin Mayorga

    Being socially and environmentally responsible does not have to be achieved at the expense of profits. In Mayorga Coffee's case, focusing on sustainability has been a competitive advantage.

  • MillerCoors Reveals 'Green' Beer

    As part of NBC Universal's "Green is Universal" Earth Week initiative, MillerCoors breaks the news on CNBC's Squawk Box that its Golden, Colorado brewery -- the largest single-site brewery in the world -- will become a zero waste facility, recycling or reusing 99 percent of all brewery waste, in just a few weeks.

  • Buddy Teaster, CEO of Souls4Souls, which distributes used footwear to the needy, and a member of the Young Presidents' Organization member, tells us why Earth Day still matters.

  • New environmental threats that laws cannot address are fostering a fresh grassroots call to action, says guest commentator Terry Tamminen.

  • An array of 575 solar panels covers the roof of Seattle's Bullitt Center, a model for a new generation of sustainable, energy-efficient buildings.

    The self-sustaining building, which generates all its own electricity and collects its own water, could inspire more action to raise awareness about the environment and the need to curb climate change.

  • It’s alive! Inside the world’s greenest building.

  • The drought that ravaged much of the U.S. in 2012 shows no sign of letting up in some sections of the country.

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