S&P Best & Worst Stocks—What to Buy/Avoid: Analysts

On the two-year anniversary of the March 2009 bottom, Andrew Kligerman, life insurance analyst at UBS, and Terry Bivens, food analyst at JPMorgan, told investors which names they should be buying and avoiding.

Since the lows, Genworth Financial has soared more than 1300 percent, making it the top stock on the S&P 500, while Dean Foods declined roughly 50 percent, putting it at the bottom of the index. The analysts offered their take on the stocks.

Genworth Financial:

Hang on to this stock, recommended Kligerman.

“It had a wonderful run, but stalled due to the concerns about U.S. mortgage insurance,” Kligerman told CNBC. “We think they get cleaned out—it might take a year or two—and the stock works.”

Kligerman has a $22 price target on the stock.

Dean Foods:

“Dairy prices went to all-time lows in the spring of 2009, and the grocers used the opportunity to go bargain-basement with milk prices—and they crushed Dean’s margins,” said Bivens.

While the environment has stabilized for the company, Bivens said he still doesn’t see an upside ahead for the stock.

“I’d like to see a pick up in U.S. milk volumes—Volumes have been dreadful lately.”

Scorecard—What They Said:

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