A New Edition for CNBC.com

Dear Readers,

When it comes to money and markets, does the Nikkei appeal to you more than the NYSE? Prefer the won to the dollar? Want to know about inflation in India but could care less about the price of grapefruit in Florida? Well then, we've got some good news for you.

Today we are rolling out the first of our new regional editions. These editions let readers choose their own geographic news mix.

We're starting with the Asia Pacific. So the ex-pat in Singapore or the multi-lingual gold trader in Tokyo can now opt to come to a CNBC home page that emphasizes Asia news and investment features. This regional edition will let Asia Pacific readers track local trends and developments, while still keeping tabs on the important global stories affecting business and markets.

We're also beefing up our Asia-oriented coverage through partnerships with Caixin Media in China and Moneycontrol.com in India. This is on top of our regular contributions from anchors and reporters for CNBC Asia as well as contributions from Daryl Guppy, Shaun Rein, and other global and local experts. And of course, there is the breaking news, stock information and market data from various countries and exchanges.

We're keeping our Asia and Europe news pages as well. The offerings there are less for people living in the region and more for readers who just want a rundown of news out of those areas. The feature on how to deal with the Taiwanese luxury tax? You won't find it there. But a wrap up of China's latest inflation numbers? Yep.

We hope you like the choice. We'll be launching a Europe edition in a couple weeks. We think you'll like that too.