Our Six Best ETF Picks: Pros

There are some exchange-traded funds that we find attractive and investors should be focusing on, said Jeff Duncan, CEO of Duncan Financial Group, and David Kotok, chairman and CIO of Cumberland Advisors.

“I like the health care sector—it’s been getting stronger,” Kotok told CNBC.

According to Kotok, of the five sectors in the S&P with roughly similar weightings—health care, consumer staples, consumer stationary, energy and industrials—health care is the “strongest” of them all.

In the meantime, Duncan said he likes the “out of favor” homebuilders.

“Not a lot of people are putting much money into them and I like them as a three- to five-year hold,” he explained.

Duncan also favors companies with “international footprints.”

“With the dollar still falling...I see that continuing with global growth in India and China,” he explained. “And with what happened in Japan, even though it was a tragedy, I still see a lot of goods and services that are going to be needed to help Japan.”

Duncan’s ETF Picks:

SPDR S&P Homebldrs

ProShares Ultra Tech

ProShares Ultra Indus.

ProShares Ult Bas Mt

Kotok’s ETF Picks:

Healthcare SPDR

IShares DJ US Health


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Duncan, his family and firm own shares of XHB, ROM, UXI and UYM.

Kotok owns XLF and IHF.