Hackers Take Aim at Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon
Getty Images
Jamie Dimon

Looks like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is the most recent target of hackers.

A document containing Dimon's addresses, family members, political donations and other personal information were posted on the website Pastebin by hackers going under the name of "CabinCr3w." The group also pasted the information on their website.

The same group of hackers posted information about Lloyd Blankfein earlier this week.

"CabinCr3w" also posted personal information about NYPD officer Anthony Bologna, who allegedly used pepper-spray against peaceful protestors in lower Manhattan last week.

"CabinCr3w" tweeted Monday that it is part of the group Anonymous, a group that organizes civil disobediance via the internet.

"To the people asking... we are a part of anonymous just a group of like minded people taking on the world. EXPECT US <3 xoxo," the group tweeted.

Since then, most of the tweets the group has been sending out have been in relation to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan.

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