The Super Bowl's Big Advertising Winners: Super Sunday Ad Tracker

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The Patriots and Giants don't face off for another few days, but the Super Bowlalready has some big winners — advertisers.

This year's ad rates are at a record high: $3.5 million per thirty second spot, on average.

But not only could the big game draw record viewers, but marketers are also cashing in online, where they start generating attention for their ads weeks before the big game. By now, about half of Super Bowlads are already online, as brands look to turn their 30-second ad buy into weeks-long marketing event.

So which ads will be the most popular, yielding the highest return on investment and boosting results for marketers? Now we'll finally be able to answer those questions, and long before the game itself. This year CNBC is partnering with a company called Collective Intellect to launch the "CNBC/Collective Intellect Super Sunday AD Tracker” — it tracks real time feedback from blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. By tracking social media reactions in real time the tracker determines which ads are the funniest, most liked, most offensive, and most important, which will lure consumers to buy the advertised products.

Click here to check it out — the tool is fully interactive and instantly updates — you can tab between "main metrics" of who's winning, track "purchase intent" and even demographic and geographical location of where people are talking about different ads.

Super Bowl, Super Sports, Super Bucks - A CNBC Special Report
Super Bowl, Super Sports, Super Bucks - A CNBC Special Report

So who's winning?

They say all publicity is good publicity, and that certainly seems to hold true for advertisers, especially before their ads run. The company's measure of "engaged consumer" tracks how much people are talking about an ad, both positive and negative. Automakers are atop the heap, both in terms of engaged consumers and total buzz, a measure of the number of mentions in social media. And in fact those two measures are closely correlated. In the number one spot on both lists, Honda has 21% share of engaged consumers, thanks to its Ferris Bueler ad, followed by Volkswagen with 17%, then Acura, Chevrolet and Toyota .

Click back later today for more on the Big Game's big ad winners and losers as we head into the weekend.

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