Teen Uses Twitter to Land Porn Star as Prom Date: Reports

Mike Stone
Mike Stone | Twitter
Mike Stone

From getting live news updates to starting revolutions, Twitter is great for a lot of things. But for getting a porn star as your prom date? Yep, apparently Twitter is good for that, too.

Meet Michael Stone, an 18-year-old from Minnesota who just wanted a date for his prom. Unfortunately, all the girls he asked were already going with someone else, according to a report from the DailyDot. So Stone turned to social media and after about 600 Tweets, at least two porn actresses have agreed to take Stone up on his offer.

Megan Piper, one of the actresses, said she thought the gesture was "really cute" and that she thought "it would make his night by saying 'yes'," according to the Huffington Post.

The other actress, Emy Reyes, responded to Stone's offer by Tweeting to Stone "Awww that's reappear [sic] hun and i would love tooo."

Stone is now trying to raise money to pay for the transportation costs of getting one of the actresses to his prom, according to theHuffington Post.

If he is able to raise the money for his date, he still may face some problems though. It's been reported his parents and principal have no idea about the stunt, although, with the recent media attention Stone is getting, that is likely to change. Ah, kids these days.

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