Spirit Airlines' Secret Service Special

The folks inside the Spirit Airlines marketing department must have a blast.

Spirit Airlines
Source: Spirit Images
Spirit Airlines

Imagine your job is all about coming up with the most outrageous promotions possible, ripped from the headlines, employing a heavy dose of snark.

This is the airline that brought you special fares based on scandals involvingRep. Anthony Weiner and Tiger Woods.

Now it's hoping to cash in on the Secret Service prostitution fiasco.

That’s the Spirit!

The airline’s new "More Bang for Your Buck" deal offers one-way fares to Cartagena, Colombia, for as low as $19.80.

The deal also extends to other destinations, and you have to book by midnight tonight(4/19). "Get more bang for your buck ... This sale is no secret."

A similar special ends midnightFriday and capitalizes on profligate spending by some members of the General Services Administration. In this case GSA stands for "Great Savings Always," they are "scandal-free," and "even your interns can afford it!"

Meantime, Spirit Airlines shares hit a 52-week high this week. Investors must like what they see. I'm anxiously awaiting other special fares. Maybe we'll see one based on Mel Gibson's latest rant called "The Road Warrior Special--it just screams savings!" Or one capitalizing on swings in Apple's stock price--"Still Cheaper than Apple Shares, Siri-ously!"

Good thing I have a day job.

Update: I heard from Misty Pinson, Spirit Airlines’ head of corporate communications, who tells me the edgy promotions are not created by outside marketing firms. The process “tends to be a group effort…albeit a small group.”

When I asked if the campaigns are “the work of a couple people who get together on coffee breaks to think of the most outrageous tie-in possible, and then go back to their regular, full-time jobs at the company?” She replied, “We don’t have coffee breaks.”

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