The Futures Now: New Web Show to Debut Tuesday


This is exciting for two reasons. First, the show will focus specifically on commodities and futures trading. Interest in this area is on the upswing as investors search for yield away from a zig zagging stock market and flat fixed-income sector. (Read more: Why Death of Commodities Is ‘Greatly Exaggerated’.)

But futures can be tricky. This show will let CNBC go in-depth on the strategies and tools investors can use to help mitigate some of the risks. That is what financial journalism is all about.

Second, a live show via the Web site is a new mechanism for us. It will make our news delivery even more real-time, while expanding the range of offerings for CNBC's readers and viewers. (Toss in offerings from our NBCUniversal and Comcast and our menu is absolutely huge).

The show, hosted by Jackie DeAngelis, will air at 1 p.m. ET Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jackie will be talking with two top futures traders — Anthony Grisanti, founder and president of GRZ Energy, and Rich Ilczyszyn, founder and chief market strategist, iiTrader — about recent events in the futures pits and how traders can capitalize on them. In fact, they already have some tutorials up on the Futures Now showpage.

If you can't catch the show live, it will be available on demand as well as here at Of course, people who watch it live will have a head start on the strategies.


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