Facebook Wants You to Pay to Promote Personal Posts

Loic Venance | AFP | Getty Images

Facebook is testing out a new paid service that allows users to pay to promote their personal posts, the companyannounced on its website Wednesday.

With the new service, users pay $7 per post to increase visibility by bumping it up higher in their friends' news feeds.

In other words, we are all now advertisers.

Facebook launched the personal promoting feature in New Zealand in May and plans to expand to 20 countries. Users with less than 5,000 friends are eligible for the new service.

The social network is pushing the new service in hopes that users will want to promote things like garage sales, wedding photos and other "big news," according to its website.

Facebook's announcement about the new service follows its recent push to brand advertisers that "clicks" are not the only way to measure an ad's effectiveness.

However, with the new personal promotional strategy, the aim does appear to be designed so that Facebook users will be driven to click through their friend's content.

Businesses already have the ability to promote content from their business pages on the social network.

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