'Pending Larry' From Google's Earnings Release Goes Viral

Google Earnings, Revenue Miss Wall Street Forecasts
Source: SEC Filing

It's a good thing Google CEO Larry Page has gotten his voice back, 'cuz he's got some 'splaining to do.

Google's purported earnings were released early Thursday. Well, most of the report was released. The top of the report had "Pending Larry Quote" plastered across it. (Click here to get the latest quotes for Google.)

Turns out you don't have to wait for this afternoon's conference call for Larry to reply.

"Oops" tweeted @PendingLarry, a parody account launched almost immediately after the mistake hit the wires. "This is what happens when you submit your report to the SEC via Android."

It doesn't end there.

"Larry" explains that the company actually released the earnings yesterday on Google Plus, a funny dig at a social network that has yet to make much of a dint inFacebook.

Now @PendingLarry joins @Romneys_Binders, @LaughinJoeBiden and @InvisibleObama as a social media flash that peaks then disappears more quickly than you can say, "Bronx Zoo Cobra."

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For the moment, however, putting a voice to a CEO mysteriously lacking one for months is a hoot. @PendingLarry even gives a shout-out to our own spoof of the Google Doodle. "Ha...ha...I see what you did there CNBC..."

Today's actual Doodle on the Google homepage is "Moby Dick" — and you could argue the company harpooned one great big Fail Whale today. "More like R.R. DONE-lley, amirite?" asks @PendingLarry.

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Funny he should say that. Minutes later, @RRDoneEarly popped up on Twitter, with this initial message: "Thanks Fred Bell of Parke-Bell Ltd for 25M today for our 'prepress expertise'... $GOOG to showcase our skills."

—By CNBC's Jane Wells

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