Apple Sells Out of White iPad Minis During Pre-Orders

Apple Sells Out of White iPad Minis During Pre-Orders
Source: Apple

Well, it didn't take long for orders of Apple's iPad mini to back up.

Just hours after the smaller iPad became available for pre-order Friday morning, the white and silver models sold out. Ship dates for the white iPad mini have been pushed back another week from their original ship date of Nov. 2.

The black model of the iPad mini was still available to ship by Nov. 2, as of CNBC's last check on Thursday morning. (Read More: Apple May Let You Swap iPad 3 for New Model)

Apple's smaller iPad mini was unveiled Tuesday and became available for pre-order early Friday morning. The tech giant released the smaller iPad in an effort to fend off competitors like Google andAmazon, both of which have recently released 7-inch tablets. (Read More: Enough iPad Mini, Apple's Macs Will Also Boost Revenue)

Apple has long dominated the tablet market with its full size iPad, but with competitors offering smaller tablets, the company had to bring a smaller tablet to market. While Apple's iPad mini is a little larger than 7 inches, at 7.85-inches, it is still small enough to be held with one hand.

The iPad mini starts pricing at $329 for a 16GB model and goes up to $529 for a 64GB model. (Read More: Apple's Defense: iPad Mini Priced Higher Because It's The Best )