Investor Spring Cleaning

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    The time-tested investment mantra of buy and hold has become so unpopular that even those who advocate the strategy don’t refer to it by that name anymore.

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    The last boom-to-bust cycle may have scared some away, but the group remains a great way to diversify your holdings.

  • Taxes and Stocks - Special Report

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    With the sector leading the stock market’s charge, it’s tempting to jump in. These tips may help you pick companies with staying power.

  • Love and Money 2009 - Special Report

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    It times like these, we'd all welcome a nice chunk of change, but how you spend it opens the door to a number of financial challenges.

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    Even if you've lost a bundle, don't be too quick to dump your financial counselor.

  • Healthy Horizons

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    The financial crisis can make you a better investor -- really.

  • Since the dawn of trading stocks, investors have been attempting to predict the direction of the markets, making calls based on everything from solid research to gut instincts. In this vein, market indicators have been developed, acting as tools to help investors predict future market movements. Although countless indicators of varied usefulness exist, there is a special breed of indicators which find themselves off the beaten path, for obvious reasons. Some are more humorous, others are scienti

    Market indicators have been developed to help investors predict future market movements. Here are 11 that you may find surprising.

  • Your Job Your Life 2010

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    From safe municipal bonds to risky closed-end bond funds, just about everything is on sale.

  • Real Estate Spring Guide 2009 - Special Report

  • In a world economy plagued by troubles in the global financial system, the words “safe” and “bank” are rarely put together. The shake up of banking systems around the world raise the question of which banks are the safest? For the past 17 years, Global Finance has compiled a list of the World’s 50 Safest Banks, and for the first time ever deemed it necessary to publish a mid-year list. The rankings were created through the comparison of long-term credit ratings (from Moody’s Standard & Poor’s an

    The shake up of banking systems around the world raises the question: "Which banks are the safe banks?" Click to find out!

  • Throughout the financial crisis, huge sums of money have been spent, handed out and lost. With talk of billions upon billions being passed around, it’s easy to lose perspective on how much money $1 trillion or even $1 billion really is. With official measurements of American currency from the US Bureau of Printing and Engraving and the US Mint, here’s some perspective on what these huge sums of money would actually look like and how they would compare to every day objects. What would the money a

    With talk of billions upon billions being passed around, it’s easy to lose perspective on how much $1 trillion or even $1 billion really is.

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    Personal debt is becoming a major player in the economic crisis. What are the biggest types of personal debt?

Love & Money 2009

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    Prenuptial agreements are often associated with millionaire moguls and super celebs, but the truth is prenups are not only for the über rich and famous. In fact, people of all ages and ranges of net worth could find a lot of value in signing one before they tie the knot.

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    The number of Americans trading in marriage for cohabitation continues to rise.  So, assuming that arrangement means commitment and longevity, couples need to make sure you have an estate plan in place to avoid some very unwelcome surprises down the road. 

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    Whether it's marriage, parenthood or retirement, they'll always be pitfalls to avoid.  Start by being open and honest and you're half way there.