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Cannabis gold rush. CNBC examines hot marijuana, the world's most commonly used illicit drug, dares to move out of the shadows and into the mainstream of American life.

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More states are permitting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the Obama administration has signaled relaxed enforcement of the industry in those states. Now, a new generation of marijuana entrepreneurs has emerged across America. They come from the unlikely fields of finance, politics, medicine and law, and they want to claim a stake in this modern day gold rush.

CNBC's "Marijuana USA" goes inside a flourishing medical pot industry. In Colorado, the demon weed is rebranded as a natural herbal remedy with healing powers that even respectable citizens can enjoy. We meet two restaurant owners who are about to launch a new line of cannabis-infused edibles. And, we’ll go inside a clinic where marijuana is almost always the doctor's order.

In this bold new era of greater marijuana acceptance, the business still remains in violation of federal laws. But, the entrepreneurs have asked to be regulated, licensed and taxed – just like any other trade. After more than seventy years as an illegal drug, is it possible that marijuana’s moment has arrived?

Program Highlights

  • Marijuana USA

    CNBC's Trish Regan takes you inside the flourishing pot industry where a new breed of entrepreneurs are hoping to cash in on America's cash crop.

  • Marijuana USA: Colorado Boom

    In tough times, medical marijuana is one industry that is putting people to work. CNBC'€™s Marijuana USA visits a Denver, Colorado dispensary.

  • Marijuana USA: Good Medicine

    Doctors can't technically "prescribe" marijuana because it's classified as a schedule one drug€“ like LSD. But, they can "recommend" it. CNBC'€™s Marijuana USA visits a Colorado clinic where the doctor'€™s orders almost always include marijuana.

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