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Behold the Princess — you know the type — living a fabulous life, while her debt accumulates and family and friends foot the bills. Now it's time to grow up — and get real.

In Princess, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, popular host of the hit series Til Debt Do Us Part, tackles the newest generation of spoiled spenders. Over a six-week period, Gail takes away these Princess's credit cards, puts them on a cash diet and challenges them to start achieving goals. Using her no-nonsense tough talk, Gail confronts, cajoles and guides these spoiled Princesses as they transform into self-sufficient young women. Packed with Gail's practical financial advice and compelling candidates, Princess is candid and entertaining viewing for a wide range of audiences.

Web Extras

  • Princess Lasia

    Lasia is 30 year old party girl who realizes that her earn less, spend more ways can't continue if she ever wants to move out of her grandparents' home. Will Lasia be able to change her ways so she can stand on her own two financial feet?

  • Princess Allison

    Allison shops like a glamorous movie star but as an aspiring actress with $130,000 in student loans, her spending has to end. Can Allison learn that while she can dream big, controlling her finances needs to be her new reality?

  • Princess Andrea

    Andrea, 25, has no problem assuming her mother will continue to support her lifestyle, but her mother needs to learn how to let go. Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade gives Andrea a dirty challenge so she can start cleaning up her financial act.

  • Princess Ashley W.

    Ashley, 25, moved home to pay down her school debt but her out-of-control spending has only pushed her further into the red. While she doesn't mind leaning on others, her boyfriend and parents do and they've had enough!

  • Princess Rachel

    Rachel is a 25-year-old daycare worker who is unable to look after her own finances. Rachel expects her parents to cover all her expenses and even wants them to move to a smaller home so they can buy a separate place just for her! Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade has a challenge on her hands with a demanding daughter whose mother isn't ready to let her go.

  • Princess Michelle

    27-year-old Michelle is spending like a high paid attorney. The problem is she's just a student in law school with a small part-time job. So how does she pay for her fancy car and designer clothes? Her parents are done. Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade pushes Michelle to move out of the parents' home and into an independent, debt-free life.

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