Retirement and You 2011

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    Think of saving for retirement as a second job. If you work hard at achieving some of your goals, you're more likely to outlive your savings.

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    This is not your parents' retirement — or your grandparents' for that matter. Chances are, you'll be working long past age 65, if you can find a job. And you'll probably also be worried about having enough money to finally stop working.

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    While new midlife parents may bring a special appreciation and years of wisdom to their postponed families, age-related hurdles can hit bank accounts and snag retirement and estate planning, requiring difficult decisions.

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    Conventional wisdom says it's best to pay off your mortgage before retirement, but given the low-interest rate environment, and the need to preserve cash in an unstable economy, that strategy is no longer absolute.

  • Retirement & You - A CNBC Special Report

    As delaying retirement becomes  a reality for more Americans, where do you stand?

  • Retirement & You - A CNBC Special Report

    Saving for retirement has become harder for most, as other financial demands take priority.

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    Though many believe Social Security to be vital for the nation's well-being, most young Americans doubt the entitlement will exist when they reach retirement age.

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    Taxes can drag on wealth creation and preservation, so it's important to make sure you have the right assets assigned to your investment and retirement accounts .

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    It's become fashionable to say that longer life spans mean average Americans work well into into their 60s and possibly their 70s—a time once considered the early retirement years. The problem is, few prospects await most people who need or want to stay in the workforce.

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    Because the recent financial crisis has drastically reduced the value of their retirement accounts, as well as the equity in their homes, half of workers plan to remain employed after they retire, mostly in part-time jobs, a recent survey shows.

  • Publicly financed retirement, or pension, benefits vary widely across the world. But as the U.S. and Europe consider fiscal austerity measures to address debt problems, some pension programs could be subject to change. To grasp what most recipients stand to lose, we’ve taken a look at the promised pension payouts of the ten largest economies in the world. (.) Our snapshot is based on a  and Development, OECD, calculates pension wealth for 54 countries, adjusting for differences in retirement age

    Publicly financed retirement, or pension benefits, vary widely across the world. See how your pension plan stacks up against the world’s largest economies.

  • Retirement & You - A CNBC Special Report

    How much do you know about retirement and savings?

  • If you chose to move from your current country of residence, where would be the best place for you to go? That's the question this year's HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2009 is trying to uncover.The report focuses on the experiences of expats and their ease of integration into local society, compared to the country in which they used to live. The rankings are based on a set of 23 criteria measuring quality of life and ease of integration that were answered by over 3,100 expats living in 26 different

    If you chose to move from your current country of residence, where would be the best place for you to go? That's the question this year's HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2009 is trying to uncover.

  • Retiring in another country used to be a foreign concept to most Americans but it’s thanks to two main factors: the Internet and the economy. The Internet has provided some much-needed connectivity and the economy has priced many retirees out of warm-weather cities in the U.S. “You can live better for less in a tropical paradise,” said Dan Prescher, the special projects editor for International Living magazine. “All you have to do is think outside the border.” found 10 of the best places to reti

    Retiring in another country used to be a foreign concept to most Americans but it’s becoming more common. AARP found 10 of the best places to retire outside the U.S. Check out the list!

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    These mutual funds, also known as  life cycle ones, take the hard work out of building a diversified portfolio. And judging by their soaring popularity, investors appreciate the convenience.

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    We were talking market volatility yesterday on our show "Street Signs" and trader Joe Saluzzi of Themis Trading said almost matter-of-factly, "The markets are broken." He's right, and I'll take it one step further: Until further notice, investing the old fashioned way is dead—maybe forever.

  • A two-tier economy is emerging in the UK, with small-cap companies being left behind, Keith McGregor, EMEA head of restructuring at Ernst & Young, told CNBC Monday.

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    In a survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, results found that 9 out of 10 brokers said “the economy is delaying baby boomers’ plans to sell their homes, compared to a few years ago.”

  • The change partly reflects demographics but also government cost-cutting that has resulted in less generous pay and benefits, the New York Times reports.

  • Retired police and firefighters have agreed to pension cuts in  Central Falls Rhode Island's municipal bankruptcy. It is  the first municipality to shed pension obligations in the bankruptcy process,the New York Times reports.