Vaporized: America's E-Cigarette Addiction

CNBC's Carl Quintanilla investigates the rapidly growing and controversial e-cigarette industry, a market expected to hit $9 billion by the end of 2019. CNBC gets unprecedented access inside Juul Labs, a company whose innovative product design and marketing have made it the industry leader as well as a lightning rod for criticism that vaping companies are luring teenagers into nicotine addiction. While some believe e-cigarette sales should be restricted to protect kids, others claim stricter regulation could cost the lives of many adult cigarette smokers struggling to kick their deadly habit. In "Vaporized," CNBC explores the raging debate: are e-cigarettes a curse or a cure? VAPORIZED: AMERICA'S E-CIGARETTE ADDICTION will be available on, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku or available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon starting July 16th.
Mon, Sep 16 20193:42 PM EDT