The rise of the robotic working dog

The rise of the robotic working dog

A number of four-legged robot dogs made by companies like Boston Dynamics, Anybotics and Ghost Robotics have been deployed in the workforce already for applications like inspections, security and public safety among others. At their core, these four-legged robots are mobility platforms that can be equipped with different payloads depending on the type of information that companies want to gather.
Sun, Dec 26 20218:59 AM EST

Competition in the four-legged robot market is heating up. In the U.S., Boston Dynamics has been developing its 70-pound Spot robot for about 10 years. Nearby, MIT's also been working on a smaller four-legged bot it calls 'mini cheetah.' Ghost Robotics in Philadelphia is making robots geared toward military applications, while abroad, Swiss-based, Anybotics, is making a four-legged robot it calls Anymal for industrial customers. And Chinese companies like Deep Robotics, Weilan and Unitree Robotics are all building their own versions, though these last two companies seem to be at least partially focusing on the personal robotics market.

All these robots can be operated manually, using a controller, or can be programmed to follow predetermined paths autonomously, thus allowing human workers to focus on more complex tasks. Watch the video above to see what industries have already embraced quadruped robots and which ones could be next.