Wealth In Asia 2011

  • A man walks past a billboard outside a shopping mall housing luxury brands in Shanghai.

    One way to ride the surge in China’s wealth is to invest in stocks of luxury brands, say analysts. Here are some of their top picks.

  • Gold

    The recent fluctuations in gold prices have not deterred Asia's rich investors, who continue to bet on the yellow  metal.

  • Markets have been slowly recouping their losses lately. But the volatility in the stock market has forced a rethink of investment strategies. We want to know how you are preserving and growing your assets.

  • men-suits-on-mannequins_200.jpg

    Contrary to what might be a popular perception, men and not women make up the bulk of consumers buying luxury goods in China.  Over the past 12 months, Chinese men on average spent 61 percent more than women on fragrances and 52 per cent more on watches, according to McKinsey.

  • MF Global website

    Asia’s image-conscious rich are spending big money on adding frills to their million-dollar yachts.

  • Private yachts are berthed outside luxury homes and condominium apartments at Sentosa Cove in Singapore.

    While price growth and transactions have slowed in Singapore's luxury property market, selective buyers, many of them from China and Indonesia, continue to snap up niche upmarket properties in tony areas like Sentosa Cove.

  • man_money_in_box.jpg

    Singapore’s role as the wealth management center of Asia has been strengthened by the growing number of millionaires in the region, but it’s also being challenged by a shrinking pool of workers needed by the sector.

  • golden_egg_holding_200.jpg

    Asia will continue to be at the forefront of wealth creation, minting millionaires at a faster pace than any other region in the world, despite the recent market volatility, according to a number of experts in private wealth.

  • A trader monitors exchange rates in a dealing room at the Korea Exchange Bank in Seoul on October 4, 2011.

    Asian financial markets have shown in recent months that they remain extremely vulnerable to economic shocks, but some investors have been riding this volatility, using the selloff to shop for cheap stocks and bonds and investing in esoteric products to profit from the turmoil.

  • Raymond and Thomas Kwok of Sun Hung Kai Properties

    Hong Kong’s aging property moguls may be reluctant to pass the baton, but there is a breed of young inheritors knocking on the door. Who are they?

  • India_Rich_Couple_200.jpg

    Family offices, a personalized wealth management service, is fast gaining currency with India’s rich who are often reluctant to take professional advice.

  • Asia’s surging wealth is creating more millionaires and billionaires than any other region of the world. Private bank Julius Baer forecasts that the wealth of the region’s 3.3 million high net worth individuals (HNWIs) will triple to nearly $15.81 trillion by 2015.Strong economic growth, coupled with booming stock and property markets, have helped some of Asia’s largest businesses expand at a rapid pace. Given Asia’s culture of family businesses, many of the region’s biggest companies are family

    We’ve compiled a list of Asia-Pacific’s10 richest families. Find out which families are among the wealthiest in the region.

  • Asian man kissing girlfriend goodbye

    After the downgrade of American debt, many Chinese asked whether their government had invested wisely. The NYT reports.

  • As Americans work longer hours and technology enables professionals to be ever more on-call, getaways and vacations are needed more than ever. Too bad vacation days have not increased along with employee availability. But now that so many professionals can work from home, who’s to say that home can’t look and feel more like a vacation spot? For those with the right situation and enough determination, one man can be an island—or at least he can live on one. The editors at TopTenRealEstateDeals.co

    The editors at TopTenRealEstateDeals.com have released their 2011 list of The Top Ten Island Enclaves For Sale. See the ten amazing island outposts currently on the real estate market.

  • When vintage car collectors go to auctions, they’re used to seeing price tags exceeding $1 million. They may not necessarily buy any of the immaculately preserved specimens on display, but they’re happy to have to opportunity to note the technical specifications and observe the details that make each car a piece of living history.Then there are cars with million dollar price tags, where that number represents what you have to pay just to drive them off the lot. These are the luxury cars at the h

    So what are some of the cars with prices exceeding $1 million? Click to find out.

  • There are few sensations that can beat the thrill of a frivolous purchase. After struggling all month to make sure that the rent, bills and car payments are paid in a timely fashion, it can be downright exhilarating to blow a big chunk of change on something unnecessary.Sadly, the thrill passes once the next billing cycle kicks in. That $300 pair of shoes may have seemed like a well-deserved extravagance, but now it’s starting to feel like an ill-advised and anxiety-provoking mistake.The morning

    Billionaires can buy every toy that catches their fancy, including antique cars, jumbo jets, and spaceships. What are some of the toys the world’s billionaires have bought?

  • It's been a bumper year for China's super rich, never mind the growing gloom and doom over the global economy. The Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute's 2011 rich list, which tallies up China's 1,000 richest men and women has, for the first time, a record 271 billionaires on it. The cut-off to make this annual list has doubled from two years ago to $310 million.On the whole, China's 1,000 richest people have an average wealth of $924 million. The country is now also home to about one million

    We've put together a list of the top 10 richest people in China based on the Hurun Rich List. Find out who are China’s top billionaires and which companies they run.

  • money2.jpg

    The United States is still No. 1 when it comes to the number of millionaires in a single country, but global wealth is continuing its movement eastward.

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