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Warren Buffett: I Don't Eat As Badly As You Think

Warren Buffett with one of his favorite meals, as seen at the 2007 Allen and Co. media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Warren Buffett makes no secret of his love for hamburgers and Cherry Cokes, steaks and hash browns, topped off with a root beer float.

Most vegetables?  No, thanks. 

In he tells biographer Alice Schroeder, "Broccoli, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts look to me like Chinese food crawling around on a plate.  Cauliflower almost makes me sick.  I eat carrots reluctantly.  I don't like sweet potatoes.  I don't even want to be close to a rhubarb, it makes me retch."

But Buffett says his "bad" eating habits aren't as absolutely awful as everyone thinks.

The Omaha World-Herald relates Buffett's response to a New Jersey nutritional dentist who had written a letter encouraging him to eat more healthy food and take nutritional supplements:

"My diet, though far from standard, is somewhat better than usually portrayed. I have a wonderful doctor who nudges me in your direction every time I see him.  All in all, I’ve enjoyed remarkably good health — largely because of genes, of course — but also, I think, because I enjoy life so much every day."

He's also been exercising more in recent years.

Back in 2007, Buffett told CNBC that his doctor had given him a choice two years before: "Either you eat better or you exercise."  Buffett said he chose exercise, the "lesser of two evils."

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