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Pros to fall for these 5 financials: Cramer

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Cramer has identified a handful of financials that he thinks pros may develop a thing for.

As part of a phenomenon known as window dressing, pros often buy winners into year's end if only to spruce up their portfolios,

These are stocks "money managers buy into weakness, so that they can tell their clients, 'yeah, we own it, we're geniuses,'" Cramer said.

But which financials are most likely to get this kind of conditional love. Not only do they need big gains, Cramer thinks they also need strong forward catalysts.

The Mad Money has done some homework and he's come up with the following list:


Up 89% ytd, Cramer thinks pros will 'develop a thing' for E TRADE if only for its impressive growth. "Just last month, E TRADE had 147.5 thousand daily average revenue trades, a hugely important key metric," Cramer said. "That's up 5% from the previous month, and up 21% year over year. The core business here is truly growing, and it's growing organically. "

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Lincoln National

With gains of 69% year to date Lincoln National should also grab more than a few glances. "Nearly 40% of Lincoln's earnings are driven by investment spreads," Cramer explained. That means interest rates matter to this company. With the market expecting rate increases, Cramer thinks this stock has a fundamental tailwind. "Also an insurance company like Lincoln is tied to the stock market—they take your premiums and invest that money—and lately the market has been on fire," Cramer added.


Advancing more than 61%, pros may want to be seen with Genworth due to the company's strong growth and solid catalysts. "Also, Genworth is moving aggressively to unlock value," Cramer added. "The company recently sold off its wealth management unit, and it plans to spin-off its Australian division via an IPO either later this year or sometime in 2014."

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With gains of 61%, pros may be keen on Assurant for its quirky style. "A couple of weeks ago, Assurant bought Lifestyle Services Group, a leading British mobile insurance provider, to grow its presence in that business. Mobile insurance may sound strange, but Assurant has a solid track record of successfully developing various new specialty insurance markets, and I bet they keep on doing it," Cramer said.

Charles Schwab

Who wouldn't want to step out with Charles Schwab? But with shares up 50% ytd, pros may also think the stock is a good time. "About 75% of Schwab's earnings assets are tied to short-term interest rates, which still haven't budged much, but eventually they will begin to climb, and when that happens, it will be a very big deal for this company's earnings," Cramer said. "For every one percent increase in the Federal Funds rate, the rate controlled by the Fed, Schwab should see a 50-cent increase in earnings—that's a major improvement off of the 88 cents the company's expected to earn next year. "

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