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Twitter 101: Where should investors start?

Track biz news with Twitter
Track biz news with Twitter

Twitter has evolved into a powerful tool for investors, but getting started on the platform can be tricky for new users. So we've compiled some tips to help investors get market-moving information from the microblogging site.

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The first thing to know when using Twitter to stay on top of business news is how to use cashtags.

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Cashtags are a simple way to search news about companies. A cashtag is a ticker symbol with the dollar sign in front of it, like $AAPL for Apple. When a cashtag is searched, all tweets with that same cashtag will appear.

It's a simple way for investors to quickly find the latest news and tweets about specific companies.

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Tracking CEOs and execs:

While only around 6 percent (28) of Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter, the number is growing and investors can use Twitter to stay up to date with what those in the C-suite are saying.

Users can now search the names of the executives they want to keep up with and select them individually to follow. Another option is to follow CNBC's Twitter list CEOs and Execs, which includes 67 of the biggest business names.

By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.