Twitter 101: Mobile tips for the power user

Twitter as investment tool

One of the best ways for the on-the-go investor to get Twitter updates is via their mobile device with instant notifications.

Twitter users can opt to have mobile notifications sent to their mobile device every time a person they select sends a tweet.

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For example, if a user wanted to know every time Carl Icahn sent a tweet, all they would have to do is adjust their Twitter settings to make a mobile message, much like a text, appear on their smartphone when he tweeted.

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This way, a user doesn't have to hunt for a person's tweet.

To follow specific people with push notifications, go to "settings" on your Twitter account. Select "mobile" and enable your device for text mobile notifications.

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Then go to the Twitter page of the person you wish to get updates from and select the icon left of the "follow" button. Select "turn on mobile notifications" and next time that person tweets, you'll be alerted on your mobile device.

By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.