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10 most expensive corporate jets on the market

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The Dubai Air Show will showcase 150 aircraft - ranging from drones to commercial airliners - and the never-ending battle between Boeing and Airbus looks set to dominate proceedings.

But the show is also a major draw for the corporate jet business. Honeywell International, which produces aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, forecasts that up to 9,250 new business jets, worth over £250 billion ($400 billion), will be delivered between now and 2023.

Large-cabin jets will account for more than 55 percent of those purchases, and BRIC countries will lead the way in buying power.

We've compiled a list of the ten most expensive new business jets on offer, according to Steve Varsano, the CEO and founder of the Jet Business, a jet brokerage firm. We've used list prices, which range from $38 million to $99 million. Prices can vary based on discounts, features and interiors.

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By CNBC's Kiran Moodley.

Predrag Vuckovic | Getty Images