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2 stocks that deserve more attention

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A handful of stocks such as Tesla, Netflix and Apple seems to get all the attention. Yet there are other stocks that are well deserving of your time, too.

"Such is the case with Cedar Fair and Six Flags," said "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer. Aside from the screams that come from their thrill rides, these amusement park operators are relatively quiet stocks.

"Yet they methodically generate excellent returns, year after year," he said.

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Cramer likes these companies because both play into a theme he calls the new frugality. That is, Cramer believes the Great Recession forced people to change their spending habits and he doesn't see them returning to their pre-recession behaviors, anytime soon.

Both Cedar Fair and Six Flags benefit from the theme because during the recession more people were either unable or unwilling to pay for an elaborate family vacation; instead they visited these theme parks with their children as a way in which to control costs.

Cramer doesn't see that changing.

In fact, Cramer believes that theme is powerful it should endure for quite some time. However, he finds that the business model has other appeals too.

For example, "They have little competition because it's so difficult for any new operator to cobble together the real estate and get the insurance that's necessary to even open a new park," he said.

Also Cramer likes that the parks are located across the country so they're not hostage to bad weather in any one particular region.

On top of that Cramer finds these companies to be shareholder friendly. "They spew cash and they return as much as prudently possible to the people who own them."

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All told, Cramer thinks these two stocks deserve more attention.

"I know the idea of amusement park stocks as an important part of the portfolio may seem a little fanciful. They're pretty unimportant equities to most investors," Cramer admitted. "But Cedar Fair has returned over 700% in 5 years while Six Flags has marched from $10 to more than $40 in about the same time period. If that's not a thrill ride, then I don't know what is."

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