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Finance in 25 years: Wall Street banks fade away

The future of Wall Street

In the world of finance, the landscape is likely to be a lot different in 25 years than it is today. Here's a look at how things might shape up, and who the big players in banking will be, in order of importance.

Tie: Google, Facebook

Both Google and Facebook have made their intentions in the financial services space known and could use their technological prowess to upend traditional banking. Google's nascent effort is leveraging a debit-type card; Facebook will likely leverage its vast network when it secures a banking license in Europe next month.

Bank of America has the country's largest retail customer base, serving 49 million consumers and small businesses. Facebook has 1.28 billion monthly active users, and Google's numbers could be even higher:

Til Schuermann, partner at Oliver Wyman and former Federal Reserve official, said clients are more worried about Google than rival banks.

"Google is unencumbered by the old way of doing things, cognizant of new opportunities," he said.