Amazon's Echo gets trashed in first big review

An Amazon Echo
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An Amazon Echo

Everyone's a critic, goes the saying, and Amazon has just felt the sharp end of one particular pen.

Echo, the company's intelligent voice control system and speaker, received its first major review and, well, it was less than stellar.

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CNET purchased the device on eBay, where it is available for $300 to $400, and gave the device a solid "meh" in a post on Monday.

CNET reviewer David Carnoy gave the device a thumbs up for its design and said that the speaker plays "Alexa's" voice loud and clear (Alexa is the name of the voice-activated system).

On the downside, the speaker doesn't sound great with music and doesn't currently have a battery option, so it must be plugged in at all times, Carnoy said

"Alexa is more novelty than a useful productivity tool," he said.

Amazon is selling the devices for $199 or $99 if you are a Prime member.

However, to purchase the device consumers must request an invite from Amazon or—like CNet did—purchase one on eBay.