French Toast Crunch has returned to the breakfast table

General Mills' French Toast Crunch cereal.
Source: General Mills
General Mills' French Toast Crunch cereal.

It seems everyone is looking for a taste of nostalgia this year.

General Mills announced the return of the previously discontinued French Toast Crunch, a toast-shaped, maple-flavored cereal, last Friday in its company blog.

"We have been overwhelmed by the consumer conversations, requests and passion for the cereal to come back," says Waylon Good, marketing manager for Big G, the company's cereal division. "We value our fans and are so excited to be able to bring it back for them."

The company promoted the hash-tag #FrenchToastCrunchIsBack in their press release and it has since become a trending topic on Twitter. Even prolific author R.L. Stein, known for his "Goosebumps" series, tweeted the news.

The sugary cereal debuted in 1995 and was sold until 2006. A Canadian version of the product remained available, however, under the name Croque Pain Doré. Boxes have been known to go for $24.95 a box on eBay, according to Grub Street, not including shipping costs or customs forms.

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General Mills isn't the first company this year to bring back an old favorite. Coca-Cola began selling SURGE, a carbonated citrus drink, on in September, Mars announced the return of M&M's Crispy in early October, and Burger King started selling its Yumbo ham-and-cheese sandwich in December after a 40-year hiatus.

Big G Cereals brought in 22 percent of General Mills' 10.6 billion net sales in 2013, the highest of the company's seven business divisions.

French Toast Crunch is available in select supermarkets and retailers currently, but will have a nationwide distribution by the end of January 2015.