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Get a body like Beyoncé! Songstress starts vegan venture

, then prepare for another new service that's got Beyoncé Knowles' name written all over it.

Having announced a desire to turn vegan for 22 days in December 2013, Beyoncé has now announced a partnership with the diet's creator Marco Borges to launch a home-delivery service for the diet. The "22 Days Nutrition" challenge itself was introduced in 2013.

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The delivery service has three plans available ranging from one to three meals a day. The price starts at five meals for five days at $78.40, to 66 meals (22 days) at $609.84 meals, which levels out at $9.24 per vegan meal, excluding the $19.95 shipping fee.

The "fresh, wholesome" plant-based dishes are , according to its website. Suggested meals may feature include "fajita kidney beans" and "almond berry breakfast loaf."

The idea behind the diet is based psychologists' theory that it takes 21 days to "make or break a habit," therefore reaching 22 days is meant to act as a "breakthrough."

At the end of April, Borges is set to release a book on the diet named "The 22 Day Revolution," which includes a foreword from Beyoncé.

Discussing the diet itself, Beyoncé said in a statement that it's "a great program to get people motivated to make better nutritional choices. I am excited to partner with him."

It has only been a few months since Beyoncé announced her 50/50 joint venture with fashion brand Topshop to launch Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd last October.

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Celebrities all want a slice of the salad

The snack economy

Beyoncé is the latest addition to a series of celebrities who've jumped on the health-conscious bandwagon. Many have released books based on healthy living, including Alicia Silverstone and Cameron Diaz.

Gwyneth Paltrow unveiled "Goop" in 2008, a website that initially focused on health-based recipes, shopping and travel, but now incorporates experts to make recommendations on these topics.

Blake Lively launched "Preserve." an e-commerce lifestyle magazine in July 2014. It focuses predominantly on preserving the "wellness" of life and traditional comforts and posts wholesome recipes and sells products like 'vegan hot fudge' and flavored salts.

2015 could be the year when individuals opt for a cleaner, more health-conscious appetite, according to a recently published food and beverage trends report by Mintel, a market research firm.

In particular, Mintel suggests that "e-commerce is shaking up food and drink retailing" with the Internet providing consumers a variety of products and companies that focus on "specific dietary needs."

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