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Middle East oil unrest? Cramer makes a bold call

Cramer: I'm making a call on oil unrest

While there was bullish sentiment in the form of positive news in the market on Thursday, Jim Cramer thinks it just wasn't enough to bounce the averages back to the green, even as crude threatens to go higher on the unrest in the Middle East.

"After the market's hideous performance this week, let me remind you that comebacks from deep selloffs don't just happen. They need to be crafted. Sometimes it takes a village to turn things around," the "Mad Money" host said.

So how did Thursday manage to pull off a rebound?

First, a few pieces of economic data helped a bit. Recent data coming from the U.S. include things like durable goods orders, housing starts and weak aggregate retail sales. However, it was the European numbers that helped the cause on Thursday. Data released indicated that there was a large amount of growth in borrowing for the first time in a long time—a positive step forward to recovery in Europe.

Then it was all about earnings as SanDisk, yet again, had a gloomy pre-announcement. Cramer added that "in the interest of honesty and intense braggadocio, I'd like to point out that I've been a serial basher of SanDisk and the sycophantic analysts who recommend it, just blasting the heck out of them."

Well, finally some of these analysts had the sense kicked into them, hence the 18 percent decline in the stock. And while that is certainly bad news for stockholders, it allowed the money to flow into Apple as it traded higher.

However, that doesn't mean that Cramer thinks investors can kick up their feet and relax.

"You're never out of the woods in this market. I'm old fashioned, and as I told you earlier in the week, I like to see the transports rally before I get really excited. Not happening," Cramer said.

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David Aldrich, CEO of Skyworks Solutions
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

After the hideous performance of Sandisk on Thursday, the entire semiconductor group was slammed hard. However Cramer thinks this is just an opportunity for investors to get in on stellar stocks like Skyworks Solutions, which is right in the epicenter of all things involving connectivity.

Skyworks makes high-performance radio frequency and analog semiconductors for smartphones, tablets, cars, GPS, broadband and wireless networking. It has its hands in the pot in almost all things related to connectivity, including power amplifiers for cellphones and iPhone content.

While the stock has pulled back recently because of the marketwide selloff, Skyworks reported a fabulous quarter back in January. Cramer is confident that the stock has even more room to run.

To find out more about what could be in store for the future of Skyworks and its role in the Internet of things, Cramer sat down with CEO David Aldrich.

"It's all about connectivity…the notion is that you have a previously wired device, or perhaps something that was never wired before. The idea now is that the technology has become affordable, people are used to it, they're comfortable with it and it has become more secure," Aldrich said.

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Speaking of connectivity, Cramer sees that the Internet of things, especially the smart home and the connected car, are some of the strongest themes out there right now.

Typically when people think of connectivity, they think of technology stocks. However, Cramer thinks there is another smart way to play on this theme—through wireless tower stocks.

Currently, the top dogs in the tower world are American Tower, Crown Castle and SBAC, which control the majority of the market.

"My favorite player in the group? At the moment, it's American Tower, the largest of the wireless tower companies and the one that's made a series of very smart acquisitions over the last few months," Cramer said.


Cramer remembers the days when the slightest whiff of unrest in the Middle East could send the price of petroleum through the roof. He has seen unrest in Libya, wars in Iraq and turmoil in Iran—but never before has the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia been threatened from an outside bordering nation.

Yet, all oil could brew up was a couple of bucks above $50 based on the news that the Saudis will defend themselves from a possible attack from Yemen insurgents?

"Welcome to the new world of oil where the United States is going to produce more oil this quarter than any time since 1985, and could be producing far more if the price were headed higher," the "Mad Money" host said.

And until Europe gets stronger and China's growth stops falling, the "Mad Money" host thinks it will be difficult for the price of oil to explode.

This means that he wants investors to keep the price stability scenario in mind when political instability occurs, and stock futures are down big and oil futures skyrocket.

"It might just be an opportunity to take the other side of the trade," Cramer said.

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Cramer sees that this time around, oil is playing a different ballgame than it has in the past. Therefore, investors need to be prepared for different repercussions when it comes to how oil stocks and futures will react.

Just as retailers were slammed hard this week after a big run, could the wild market have a big impact on the real estate investment trust that owns the retail properties?

Brixmor Property Group is a REIT that specializes in wholly owned, grocery-store anchored shopping centers in the U.S. Essentially, it takes a shopping center and then tries to bring in high quality grocery stores to nudge the upgrade the other tenants in the center.

Have the challenges in retail fed into Brixmor's business? To find out, Cramer sat with its CEO Michael Carroll.

"The beauty of our business today is we have a great tailwind. There is no new supply, no new construction coming on," Carroll said. The industry used to deliver 200 million square feet of shopping center space a year, but in the fourth quarter it delivered less than 2 million square feet of shopping space. "So, it's given us real pricing power."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Dynavax Technologies: "It's up gigantically, and we are not recommending any of the biotechs that are up this much right now. They have to come down, and Celgene has to be up for three straight days before I am recommending one of these guys."

Hyatt Hotels Corporation: "No, if we are going to do hotels we have to go to Marriott. It's the one that is consistently putting up the great numbers. We are going to skip Hyatt."

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