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Cramer Remix: How to play Whole Foods

Cramer: How to play Whole Foods

Jim Cramer suspects that those who sold stocks in April were just doing it to get ahead of those who will sell in May. But could they have seller's remorse now that the averages closed in the green on Friday?

"Now, I don't think we're necessarily out of the selling woods, though, because we're in a real conundrum here," the "Mad Money" host added.

Investors are perplexed right now, thanks to the weakening dollar and rising price of crude. They had previously favored stocks of companies within the United States because they weren't hurt by a strong dollar. They also banked on companies that benefited from the low price of gasoline.

But then, when the dollar strengthened, these stocks lost their luster, and now investors are wary of the same stocks they loved just last month. And while they are no longer in love with domestic stocks, the international companies aren't doing so well right now.

Put all of this together, and we have a treacherous marketplace. One where Cramer sees a major sea change happening. One where no stocks are in favor right now: domestic, international, everything! That's what caused a major selloff.

With this in mind, Cramer shared his game plan of stocks and events that he will be watching for next week.

Monday: Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, Denny's
Berkshire: Monday morning brings the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Lately, Cramer has seen the same old pattern again. Investors get gloomy and sell, and then they hear the Oracle of Omaha speak, and it brings their spirits back up.

Cramer expects Monday to be no different. In fact, he thinks Warren Buffett will be filled with optimism when he speaks.

Wednesday: Battleground day—Tesla, Whole Foods
Whole Foods: The stock has acted terribly lately, which tends to foreshadow weak numbers. However, Cramer thinks this one has been punished quite a bit. He recommended buying half ahead of the quarter and then half later if the stock sells off.

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Del Friscos CEO Mark Mednansky on Mad Money.

Earlier this week, Cramer spoke with Sandy Cutler, the CEO of the major industrial company Eaton Corp, and was shocked at what he heard.

Cutler provided his report card on the state of the world's largest economy. He confirmed that residential construction, non-residential construction, aerospace, cars and truck sectors are all very strong.

Despite all of the doom and gloom about how horrible the consumer is doing, Cramer's perspective was flipped on its head after this interview.

The only area that has remained weak is oil and gas. However Cutler confirmed that the decline in these areas has been a large net positive for the rest of the economy.

So, given these positive indications swirling around in the economy, Cramer is still confused as to why one area is still weak—retail.

"Given the comments we've been hearing broadly about the U.S. economy and specifically from Eaton's Sandy Cutler, I say it's time to recognize that this gloom about the consumer, just because of a slight rise in the price at the pump, is overdone," Cramer said.

That means it's time to take out your retail shopping list and start to pick your favorite retail players. Cramer thinks this group has finally bottomed and is ready for buying, especially the home improvement, department stores and big box chains.

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During this earnings season, Cramer has been watching the strength of the restaurant group to gauge the strength of the consumer. And while the restaurant group raged earlier this year, it has pulled back recently in response to the rising price of oil.

Del Frisco's Restaurant Group runs three high-end steakhouse chains, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, Del Frisco's Grille and Sullivan's Steakhouse with 46 locations spanning 20 states.

However, this stock has lagged in the restaurant group, though it has showed signs of stabilization and has maybe even bottomed. Could this stock be getting its sizzle back? To find out, Cramer spoke with Del Frisco's CEO Mark Mednansky.

"I don't decide what the stock price is going to be…but we think we are a great value. We think we posed a great upside. We are a growth company that grows at 15 percent, we are growing our EBITDA 15-18 percent, we have a lot of white space, and we have a ton of regular fans who are devoted to our three brands," Mednansky said.

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Cramer remembers that it was only a few weeks ago that investors were salivating over any stock that was remotely related to the health of the consumer or the housing market. But now that investors have become worried about a domestic slowdown, everything that used to be hot is decidedly not.

Pool Corporation is one of those stocks that has recently fallen out of favor with investors, down 4 percent in the past month. But could investors be throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

To find out, Cramer spoke with Pool Corp CEO Manuel Perez De La Mesa. Cramer thinks that Pool could have some major upside ahead, as research indicates that the company only builds approximately a third of the pools that it once did.

The CEO predicts a normalized level of pool building will resume. "We believe that will occur early in the next decade," he said.

His prediction was based on his observation of the consumer's propensity to invest in their homes and seek recovery of that investment. He believes that the ramp up with start gradually over the next two or three years and return to normal levels within the next decade.

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This week in San Francisco, Cramer had the chance to check in with cutting edge companies on the forefront of innovation around the country. One of those companies is Hampton Creek Foods, a privately held company that is part of the healthy eating revolution that has swept the country.

Hampton Creek sells plant-based, egg-free alternatives for mayonnaise and cookie dough under the "Just Mayo" and "Just Cookies" brands which are now being distributed by the largest food service company in the world, Compass Group.

Cramer had the chance to speak with its CEO and founder Josh Tetrick, who filed up a bathtub full of mayo to show the stunning shift that happening across kitchen tables across the country. Could this new deal with Compass take Hampton to a new level?

"The reason why this is such a big deal is because of the impact. Over a billion gallons of water are saved and it gives us a national distribution infrastructure in a snap, and it is going to help us," Tetrick said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Hain Celestial Group: "The whole cohort has been coming down. This is part of the out of the domestic situation. I think that Hain must be viewed as a longer-term situation. It has given us fantastic results, and I think that Irwin Simon will not let us down."

Linn Energy: "We backed away from Linn when it was a lot higher. We like Energy Transfer Partners, and that is a new one for me, if we want to be in the Master Limited Partnerships because they reported a really great quarter."

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