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Apple pulls Nest thermostats from stores: Reports

Christina Medici Scolaro
Apple pulls Nest from shelves

Apple has cleared its stores' shelves of all Nest products as it makes room for a new slew of smarthome devices, according to reports in Forbes and Mashable.

Apple has a history of removing items from shelves in order to make way for similar items for sale. An Apple spokesman did not comment directly on the reports, but in an email to CNBC said, "We regularly make changes to the merchandising mix in our stores."

In an email, a Nest spokeswomen declined to share details about the reports but said their products will still be available through Apple in the coming weeks.

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Meanwhile, Apple is now selling a different wireless thermostat, the Ecobee 3—one that happens to be a direct competitor to Nest, which is owned by Google. The Ecobee 3 works with Apple's HomeKit, an operating system for internet-connected home appliances.

Nest Thermostat
Image source: Nest

Also pulled from Apple shelves are Nest's smoke detector and security camera devices, the reports said.

Nest products are not compatible with HomeKit but do work with iOS.

Read the Forbes report here, and the Mashable report here.