Missouri teen 'lives más' with Taco Bell senior photos

Brittany Creech
Photo: Brendan Batchelor Photography

High school seniors, you'd better take some notes, because this 17-year-old just schooled you—at least when it comes to yearbook pictures.

While most students pose in front of sunny meadow or rocky beach, Brittany Creech, a St. Louis high school senior, decided that the backdrop of her senior glamour shots would be her favorite fast food locale: Taco Bell.

"I took some classic senior photos outside in my Cardinal's jersey and in a black dress, but I thought it would be funny to also take some at Taco Bell, and the photographer was completely on board," Brittany told CNBC.

The high school senior is no stranger to social media. Prior to this viral explosion, Brittany had about 55,000 followers on Twitter. Now, she has more than 61,000 and counting.

Her photographer, Brendan Batchelor, felt the photo shoot was a "fun change of pace and scenery" but never imagined how much attention the pair would receive.

A soon-to-be college freshman, Batchelor has received numerous requests from customers for similar photo shoots, but he's turned them down.

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"I have refrained because that is not the type of photography I would like everyone to seek me out for, especially in the midst of this pop culture explosion," Batchelor said, explaining that he hopes to transfer to the University of Missouri for his sophomore year to join the school's photojournalism program.

Brittany isn't the first student to make a bold statement with her senior photos. In 2014, Draven Rodriguez petitioned for his yearbook photo to feature him and his cat against a blue and pink laser background and was denied by his high school, according to the TODAY Show on NBC TV.

Luckily for her, Brittany has friends on her high school yearbook staff so her Taco Bell photos can be immortalized in print along with the Internet.

Taco Bell did not immediately respond for comment.