Elon Musk saved my life: Dreamworks CEO

Jeffrey Katzenberg
Getty Images

Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is crediting Tesla's Elon Musk with saving his life following a car crash that left him with a shattered arm and wrist.

Katzenberg told The Hollywood Reporter that the incident could have ended tragically had he not be driving his Tesla Model S.

"Thank you, Elon Musk — you saved my life," he told the magazine.

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Katzenberg did not share details about the crash itself, but noted that the car had been destroyed and he had undergone surgery after the accident.

The Beverly Hills Police Department did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

"Compliment from Jeffrey is much appreciated, but the people of Tesla deserve all the credit," Musk wrote on Twitter on Monday.

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Katzenberg's statement comes just days after Consumer Reports rescinded its recommendation of the Tesla Model S.

"As part of our Annual Auto Reliability Survey, we received about 1,400 survey responses from Model S owners who chronicled an array of detailed and complicated maladies…" Mark Rechtin, the cars content development team leader at Consumer Reports wrote of the Tesla S. "The main problem areas involved the drivetrain, power equipment, charging equipment, giant iPad-like center console, and body and sunroof squeaks, rattles, and leaks."

Musk noted on Twitter that the Consumer Reports survey included many early production cars and that these issues have been addressed in newer models.

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