Just how much cash does Apple have?

Apple's cash pile stacks 14K miles tall!
Apple's cash pile stacks 14K miles tall!

Apple reported quarterly earnings and revenue on Tuesday that beat analyst expectations, and its cash hoard is bigger than ever.

The company revealed that its cash pile once again topped $200 billion, hitting $205.7 billion for the fiscal fourth quarter, up from 1.33 percent from last quarter.

Apple Inc. iPhone 6s Plus smartphones are displayed after a product announcement in San Francisco, California.
Apple earnings: $1.96 per share, vs $1.88 expected
A customer counts cash to pay for two iPhone 6 smartphones during the sales launch at the Apple Inc. store in New York.
Just how much cash does Apple have?

To put that in perspective, if you took Apple's total cash pile and stacked it up in $1 bills, the pile would stretch almost 14,000 miles.

  • That's a round-trip flight from New York to Beijing, if you were traveling west across the Pacific.
  • The column of bills would extend more than 56 times higher than the orbiting International Space Station.
  • It would reach more than halfway around planet Earth.
  • That's the equivalent of running 534 marathons.
  • You could crisscross across the Sahara Desert almost five times.