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Snickers bars get cheaper the angrier the internet Australia

Snickers Hungerithm

Sometimes the Internet isn't a very friendly place (looking at you, comments section). But now there's a bright side for some web surfers — you could score a half-price Snickers bar.

Mars, the company behind the peanut-nougat chocolate bar, launched a rage-satisfying advertising campaign over the weekend, offering Australian customers a chance at discounted candy.

Partnering with 7-Eleven, Snickers developed a "Hungerithm" that monitors tweets to determine the mood on Twitter. The angrier social media users are, the lower the price of a Snickers bar.

A Snickers typically costs 1.09 Australian dollars, but a particularly grumpy internet dropped the price to about 59 Australian cents Tuesday morning. The low price seems to be 50 Australian cents.

Mars has been advertising Snickers as a solution for hunger and stress for years, and this new marketing effort plays that up. It's unclear whether the "Hungerithm" actually gauges internet sentiment, but it does offer sample tweets from Twitter users who appear to demonstrate a certain mood. Some names and identifying details get blurred out.

Mars and 7-Eleven did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

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To get a coupon for a cheaper Snickers, Australian consumers can open the Hungerithm website on their phone, click the "get a Snickers" button and bring the resulting barcode to a participating 7-Eleven within an hour.

Consumers are limited to one barcode per hour. The campaign ends on June 28 or until stocks or barcodes are exhausted, Mars wrote on the Hungerithm website.

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