This is why Trump will be unambiguously pro-energy

Donald Trump
Mike Carlson | Reuters
Donald Trump

Donald Trump heads to North Dakota, one of the states most impacted by the slump in oil and gas drilling, on Thursday.

That's where it is expected the GOP presidential candidate will lay out his vision of the energy industry in the U.S. and possibly the world, including the roles of Saudi Arabia and OPEC.

Trump's views on many topics are murky, and energy has been one of those areas. But Trump is now expected to fine tune his message.

"At one point, he was talking about taking away subsidies from oil companies. But he's evolved so where [Continental Resources CEO] Harold Hamm has now endorsed him," said Daniel Clifton, head of policy research at Strategas. Hamm, CEO of shale producer Continental Resources, was Mitt Romney's 2012 energy advisor.

Clifton says there is one thing Trump is likely to say that could help him against Democrat Hillary Clinton, the expected nominee of her party.