The $400,000 private jet of vans

By CNBC's Ray Parisi and Robert Frank
Check out tricked-out $400K 'JetVan'
Check out tricked-out $400K 'JetVan'

If a Gulfstream V jet mated with a cargo van, their offspring would probably look something like Becker Automotive Design's "JetVan."

Each of the company's custom vehicles is built from the shell of an existing van, often a Mercedes, with the interior modeled after a rolling jet cabin.

Becker's creations include this $400,000 custom job, which features six first-class seats upholstered in the finest Austrian leather, hand-tufted designer carpet and a $30,000 remote-control technology system that powers everything from the blinds to the door.

The vehicle, whose owner remains anonymous, took eight months of hand-crafted work to complete.

Interior view of Becker Automotive Design's JetVan.
Source: Becker JetVan

'"Tell me what you might need and there's a good chance within the confines of this vehicle, we can get it done for you," founder Howard Becker told CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich".

Becker's clients include movie stars, heads of state and business titans around the world. He once crafted a ride for Michael Jackson, and recently finished a stretch Cadillac Escalade SUV for Dr. Dre. Some of his finest finishing touches have included a cedar compartment for cigars and a built-in ice bucket.

Yet the most valuable feature of Becker's "JetVan" series may also the most practical: the designer bathroom.

"When you've got to go to the bathroom and you're stuck in traffic, that bathroom is worth as much as the entire vehicle," Becker said.

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