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KIND founder: Mexican immigrant and successful CEO

Healthy snacks: A multi-million dollar idea

Kind CEO Daniel Lubetzky is the founder of America's fastest-growing energy bar company. He is also an immigrant from Mexico.

"I was talking with somebody earlier about how immigrants, particularly like I, appreciate what we have because we don't take it for granted — the entrepreneurial system, the meritocracy, the free market system, rule of law, press freedom," Lubetzky said at the Iconic conference in Boston on Thursday.

"These are things that we should not take for granted and we should really, really build on. And I think immigrants are how we built this nation," the CEO said.

Lubetzky is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but a registered Independent. His comments come at a time when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says that he wants to build a wall separating the United States from Mexico and have Mexico pay for it.

"I'm very, very proud and very honored and grateful for what America has provided me, and I want to make sure we maintain that system that is a meritocracy, that allows anybody these opportunities," Lubetzky said.

KIND food products are in major retailers, including Target, Whole Foods, Walmart and Kroger. Every month, KIND donates $10,000 to a charitable cause.

The CEO also weighed in on what he thinks makes a great political leader: "I love people who think about how to put America first," Lubetzky said.