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Trump, Clinton close their final presidential debate with pleas to American voters

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One last time, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in a presidential debate.

The debate in Las Vegas comes at a critical moment for the Trump campaign: Clinton leads her Republican opponent by a healthy margin in the majority of national polls and appears poised to capture many of the decisive battleground states in the November election, according to most projections.

Chris Wallace of Fox News moderated.

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The two previous debates were bruising affairs that generated many more headlines from the candidates' attacks on each other than from any policy discussion.

Many pundits said the first debate went poorly for Trump, who elicited laughter when said he has a "much better temperament" than Clinton. The New York businessman later claimed he held back on making "inappropriate" comments about Bill Clinton. During that first faceoff, the Democratic nominee slammed Trump for perpetuating a false claim that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

The second debate came days after the release of a 2005 video featuring Trump bragging about groping women. Although some prominent Republicans called for Trump to drop out of the race because of the video, he apologized for his comments and counter-punched with personal attacks against Clinton on the debate stage.