Millennial: We've left cable and aren't coming back

Making money on Snapchat

Cable is over in the eyes of the young, and is being replaced by new platforms like Snapchat, according to one social media influencer.

"For the most part my generation has left cable," said The Young Turks' entertainment and political journalist Hasan Piker.

"We're not going to come back if you buy Snapchat or Disney buys Maker," Piker said. "Snapchat may become the main entertainment platform for my generation," he said.

Social media accounts are becoming networks for today's youth, with user-generated content becoming the majority of the programming.

Piker, who does not have a cable subscription, claims he's made money by creating content on his Instagram and Snapchat accounts. He says because Instagram has more users, he makes more money on it. He also wonders if Snapchat's disappearing posts — which erase after 24 hours or less — will affect its longevity. Snap went public on Thursday.

"In order to remain a viable platform, you need to have a library of things for people to look at," Piker said.

Disclosure: NBCUniversal is an investor in Snap.