Mark Cuban on running for president: 'I wouldn't say never'

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Although it's not currently in his plans, don't shut the door on the possibility of Mark Cuban running for president.

"I wouldn't say never, but it's not my lifelong dream," Cuban told CNBC at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. "It depends on how things turn out."

Cuban had some harsh words to say about Trump during a panel at the festival on Sunday. Although he agreed with his conservative economic policies, Cuban voiced vehement opposition to his conservative social stances and Trump personally. He noted he stopped supporting Trump after he "got to know him."

"The economic policies of his that are pretty much traditionally conservative I like.... But in terms of him personally, he's the Zoolander president," Cuban said to a SXSW audience.

At the very least, Cuban said he could do better at being president than Trump is doing right now.

"Yeah I think I could," he said to CNBC, smiling.