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Cramer Remix: Here's why we are not in a tech bubble

Key Points
  • "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer pinpoints the difference between 2017 and the dotcom bubble of 2000
  • Cramer also sits down with the CEO of Idexx Labs, who has an interesting take on millennials and their pets
  • In the lightning round, Cramer asks a caller not to give up on Cummins
Cramer Remix: Here’s why we are not in a tech bubble

Jim Cramer hates days like Wednesday when the stock market seems to reel at ostensible milestones like the Dow Jones average crossing above 22,000.

The "Mad Money" host said that action like that will likely draw more erroneous comparisons to the dotcom bubble of 2000, which he maintained is far from what we are seeing in 2017.

"As I've said repeatedly, 2017 is nothing like 2000. The tech stocks that are doing fabulously here belong to companies like Apple that have huge cash hoards and are insanely profitable. In many cases, their stocks are downright cheap," Cramer said. "You've got this deadly combination of stocks coming down and commentators 'reverse' cheerleading for stocks, accentuated by the Dow 22,000 nonsense that says they can say, 'Hey, you know what? This is toppy action,'" Cramer said.

But Apple's fundamentals are strong, as the company showed in its third-quarter report. The stay-at-home economy is booming. So Cramer reminded investors of the market moves to which they should be paying attention amid all of the noise.

The Stay-At-Home Boom

The AMC 25 and Regal Cinemas on 42nd Street in Times Square in New York.
Richard Levine | Corbis | Getty Images

It might not seem like Royal Caribbean, AMC Entertainment, General Motors and Apple have much to do with each other, but Cramer begs to differ.

"In fact, though, they have everything to do with each other," the "Mad Money" host said. "They're all about the revolution in how the consumer spends his time, but the analysts and skeptics who abound everywhere just can't seem to get their darned heads around it."

With the experiential economy in full swing, it came as a surprise to Cramer that movie theater giant AMC's earnings pre-announcement was drastically weaker than expected and GM's July sales came in so light.

But the only explanation for these "seismic" declines was the rise of the experiential economy, Cramer said.

Groupon CEO: Goodbye Paper, Hello Mobile

Rich Williams, CEO of Groupon
Ashlee Espinal | CNBC

With everybody's noses tucked into their smartphones, Groupon CEO Rich Williams said that even his discount-centered online marketplace is rapidly shifting to mobile.

"The transition to mobile for our business has been profound, and now we're close to two-thirds mobile in terms of transactions," Williams told Jim Cramer on Wednesday.

After delivering a strong quarterly earnings report in which billings growth, a key metric for businesses like Williams', accelerated to 14 percent from 7 percent last quarter, the CEO said Groupon was eager to build on the foundation it has formed since its 2011 initial public offering.

With several new initiatives underway including Groupon Plus, Williams said the company's main objective is to do away with traditional paper vouchers as payments become increasingly digital.

Idexx Labs CEO: One Industry Millennials Aren't Killing

Jonathan Ayers, CEO, Idexx
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Finally, Cramer spoke with Jonathan Ayers, the chairman and CEO of Idexx Laboratories, who said that his veterinary diagnostics and software company is capitalizing on the world's growing love of pets.

"If you look at the population as a whole, one-third say money is no object" when it comes to caring for their pets, Ayers told Cramer on Wednesday. "But millennials are taking it to a whole new level. And you can see this every day. Anyone who's got millennial kids or is a millennial, you can see the bond that they have with their pets, and they're willing to spend money on their pets if it's going to help their longevity."

And with 50 percent of surveyed dog owners saying that their pets' health is as important, if not more important, than their own, Ayers said he expects the trend to keep expanding thanks to millennials.

"They are definitely the pet generation. Every generation that's come along has been more of a pet generation than the past, so the millennials are taking it to a new level," the CEO said.

Lightning Round: Don't Give Up on CMI

In Cramer's lightning round, he shared his take on some callers' favorite stocks, including:

Cummins Inc.: "It got smaller yesterday when they started that conference call with all about the warranty problems and all the problems they had. It was just terrible. And all lost in that was how great the truck business is. Don't give up on Cummins, but holy cow. That was really one downer of a call. I needed Excedrin Migraine after that."

Chevron: "The artist formerly known as Bug who is Chevron, the brown dog that I put on Twitter, he's been outperforming Mr. Nvidia, the tech stock. Why? Because Chevron had a monster good quarter. And if that stock pulls in, buy, buy, buy."

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