GoPro stock dips on reveal of new Google camera

Key Points
  • On Wednesday, GoPro stock dipped 5 percent as Google revealed Google Clips, its new, clip-on cameras.
GoPro Hero 6 Black
Source: GoPro

On Wednesday GoPro stock dipped in midday trading after Google revealed a new clip-on camera, Google Clips, and improved cameras in its forthcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL smartphones.

Clips is a new concept for a camera: It automatically takes photos as you go throughout your day. An artificial intelligence engine inside looks for smiles, people you care about, dogs chasing their tails, and automatically captures the moment. Google says it will get smarter over time.

Specifically, GoPro stock fell by about 5 percent in midday trading. The stock opened at $11.06 ahead of the Google hardware event.

Just a week ago GoPro announced its new Hero 6 and Fusion cameras.