Tech Holiday Gift Guide

Best gifts for the Android fanatic in your life

Gift giving at Christmas eve, boy paying with smart phone having present on his lap
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Key Points
  • CNBC picked out the best gifts for Android fans this holiday season.
  • We picked everything from smart speakers like the Google Home to wireless headphones from Libratone.
  • We've covered a variety of price ranges so you can spend as little or as much as you want to.

CNBC recently published a gift guide focused on Apple fanatics and now we're back with a gift guide for folks who prefer Android.

These gifts are all great options for the Android-lover in your life, and span from home speaker assistants to smart thermostats and more. We even included a fun scarf which we think is perfect for showing off your Android pride.

Here are some gifts we think are perfect for the Android fan in your life.

Google Home

Google Home
Source: Google

If you know an Android fanatic and they don't own a Google Home, put this at the top of your list. Google Home is a smart assistant speaker that can answer almost any query you throw at it. Go ahead, ask it the weather, the time it'll take you to commute or how tall Matt Damon is. It can place phone calls, play your favorite music from several popular streaming services and packs quite an audio punch despite its relatively small size.

Price: $129

Buy now: Google Home

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Todd Haselton | CNBC

The Galaxy Note 8 is the best Android smartphone you can buy. It offers a huge and colorful screen, an S Pen stylus, fast performance and great cameras. It also supports Samsung's Gear VR, which provides an impressive mobile virtual reality experience. The Galaxy Note 8 isn't the cheapest, priced at $918 unlocked, so consider the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ if you can deal with ditching the stylus and don't mind a smaller display.

Price: $918 (unlocked)

Buy now: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Libratone Q Adapt Wireless on-ear headphones

The Libratone Q Adapt wireless headphones

The Libratone Q Adapt Wireless on-ear headphones are comfortable, compact and sound great. They're also part of Google's new "Made for Google" accessory line, which means pairing with an Android smartphone takes just seconds and doesn't require you to dig through any menus. These are perfect for wearing at your desk, on a long flight or just a quick walk about town, and they include noise cancellation for when you need a little extra peace and quiet.

Price: $249

Buy now: Libratone Q Adapt headphones

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is the best smartwatch for use with Android phones (note: it also works with iPhones). It offers an easy-to-use user interface, water and dust resistance, sleep tracking, a heart rate monitor and even support for Samsung Pay, which lets you tap the watch at almost any retailer to make a purchase. Samsung also sells a cellular model that supports phone calls and text messages even when you're not near a smartphone.

Price: $349.99

Buy now: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier



NVIDIA's SHIELD TV streaming box is a must-have for Android fans. It supports 4K movies and TV shows for sharper content on the latest TVs, can stream all sorts of PC games (including from a gaming computer in your house), and offers Google Assistant built-in. An embedded microphone on the remote means you can speak to your TV to request the content you're looking for. "OK Google, play yule log on YouTube."

Price: $199.99

Buy now: NVIDIA Shield TV

Android Scarf

An Android scarf
Dead Zebra

Let your loved ones show their Android pride with this Android scarf from Dead Zebra, the brand best known for building Android figurines. It sports the iconic Android bot in a green color that's sure to stand out at the bus stop or as you walk down the city block. Sure, you might attract some grimaces from Apple fanboys, but Android fanatics are always ready to take them on, right?

Price: $20

Buy now: Android Big Bot Scarf

Daydream View VR headset

Clay Bavor, VP of Virtual Reality for Google, introduces the Daydream View VR headset during the presentation of new Google hardware in San Francisco, California, U.S. October 4, 2016.
Beck Diefenbach | Reuters

Most newer Android phones support Google's affordable Daydream View VR headset. Just plop in your smartphone, put on the headset, and you've entered into Google's world of virtual reality, with apps such as Netflix VR, HBO Go VR, games and more. An included remote can be used to navigate the experience, which I promise you won't soon forget. Just double check your Android phone supports this before buying!

Price: $99

Buy now: Google Daydream View

Nest Thermostat E

Nest, now owned by Google, is a great brand for Android and iPhone-owners alike. Android users who invest in Google's ecosystem might appreciate the Nest E Thermostat, a new affordable smart thermostat that can help you save on your energy bill each month. Like other models, you'll be able to control the thermostat from your smartphone. This one has a more muted look that I think looks even better than the original Nest, just make sure you have the right wiring in place, especially if you have an older house.

Price: $169

Buy now: Nest Thermostat E