Nevada digs bitcoin, DC loves Obama: Most popular purchases in every state, according to app Earny

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Ever wonder what residents in your neighbor states are shopping for? The most popular purchases by state, it turns out, vary greatly.

Earny, an app that gets you money back on things you buy based on receipts in your inbox, analyzed over 100 million purchases made by its users between Nov. 1 and Feb 1 (to look at holiday season shopping). The app identified the top sellers in every state and Washington, D.C.

While people in some states — like Texas and California — treated themselves to tech toys, residents in other areas were much practical, opting for items like toilet paper and cat food.

Then there were the odd purchases (Ohioans love lava lamps) the trendy (Nevada residents were caught up in the bitcoin craze, buying cryptocurrency wallets) and the ones that made the most sense, geographically (Washington D.C.'s top pick was the book "Obama: An Intimate Portrait").

Items not taken into consideration for the analysis were personal voice assistants and detergents, because those products, Earny says, were the most popular items during the time period for every state.

The most popular purchases by state, according to Earny users data, were:

  1. Alabama: pressure cooker
  2. Alaska: tumeric pain relief
  3. Arizona: table air hockey game
  4. Arkansas: Essentia water
  5. California: iPhone X screen protector
  6. Colorado: "Ancestry" DNA kit
  7. Connecticut: Indian healing clay
  8. Delaware: printer
  9. Florida: Super Mario Odyssey
  10. Georgia: aromatherapy oils
  11. Hawaii: portable karaoke speaker
  12. Idaho: "Wonder" book (a movie based on the novel by R.J. Palacio hit theaters this winter)
  13. Illinois: PopSockets (a mount that attaches to the back of your phone to give you a better grip)
  14. Indiana: SanDisk memory (for memory storage on tech devices)
  15. Iowa: Fujifilm film
  16. Kansas: electronic duck-hunting game
  17. Kentucky: Fire HD 8-inch tablet
  18. Louisiana: flu symptoms pellets
  19. Maine: Banpresto figure (a type of action figure)
  20. Maryland: USB cable
  21. Massachusetts: "What do you Meme?" party game
  22. Michigan: Fingerlings baby monkey
  23. Minnesota: cat food
  24. Mississippi: phone belt clip holster
  25. Missouri: "Giraffes Can't Dance" book
  26. Montana: smart light bulbs
  27. Nebraska: exercise mats
  28. Nevada: Ledger Nano crypto hardware wallet
  29. New Hampshire: snow broom and ice scraper
  30. New Jersey: Diet Coke
  31. New Mexico: clip-on hair extensions
  32. New York: Alexa smart plug
  33. North Carolina: Duraflame fire log
  34. North Dakota: glue
  35. Ohio: lava lamp
  36. Oklahoma: Amazon Dash button
  37. Oregon: garden toolset
  38. Pennsylvania: storm-proof auto cover
  39. Rhode Island: gaming chair rocker
  40. South Carolina: toilet paper
  41. South Dakota: carpet cleaner
  42. Tennessee: electric toothbrush
  43. Texas: Fire 7-inch tablet
  44. Utah: Moviepass subscription
  45. Vermont: puppy pads
  46. Virginia: electronic dartboard
  47. Washington: dollhouse
  48. Washington D.C.: "Obama: An Intimate Portrait" book
  49. West Virginia: chocolate bars
  50. Wisconsin: oil diffuser
  51. Wyoming: stevia

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