Rodney Williams

Rodney Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of LISNR, the global data-over-audio leader. LISNR is a secure local proxy for data transmission using sound with over +40 industry awards and powering almost 30 million devices across numerous industries revolving around short range device to device data transmission. LISNR is poised to displace the QR code in mobile authentication, assist in the scalability of NFC like transactions in mobile payments and allow better identifying, pairing, and syncing with nearby devices.

Williams is a seasoned innovator with numerous patents and companies under his guidance. As a celebrated strategic leader, Williams has received many awards and recognition stemming from his time at Procter & Gamble to his emergence in entrepreneurship with LISNR and other endeavors. Additionally, Rodney is currently serving on the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees. He has also been inducted into West Virginia University's B&E and Procter & Gamble's Roll of Distinguished Alumni.