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CNBC's @Work Talent + HR Summit: Building the workforce of the future


Competition for the right talent is fierce, and rapid advances in AI, machine learning and automation necessitate new thinking on how to build the most effective teams. A new generation of workers have new expectations, challenging human resources executives to think differently about recruitment, development and retention.

CNBC's @Work is a three-part event series that examines the impact of new technology on three interrelated disciplines — human resources, IT and finance. This edition of the @Work series explores how CHROs can drive success for their company by balancing the needs of the workforce—present and future—with the needs of the company.

Speakers included IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, Basecamp Co-Founder and CEO Jason Fried, CHROs from The Walt Disney Company, Adobe, Cisco and Microsoft, and many more.

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Watch the full sessions to discover how leaders are re-imagining the employee workplace experience.

The ROI of Wellness at CNBC's @Work Summit

The popularity of corporate wellness programs is rising, but so, too, is the pressure on decision-makers to justify the cost and quantify the impact on employee health. John Harrison of WebMD Health Services and Jim Purcell, Founder of Returns on Wellbeing Institute and Fmr. CEO of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI sit down with Bertha Coombs at CNBC's @Work Summit to discuss how top companies are measuring ROI, and an unconventional approach to wellness programming that could boost both.

Help Me Help You: Becky Quick leads a panel at CNBC's @Work Summit on Wellness and the Bottom Line

Wellness programs aim to create a healthier, happier, more productive workforce. But that's impossible without employee participation. A recent survey found that 70% of employees are interested in taking proactive steps to improve their health and wellness, yet most don't want to put in the time to do so. Virgin Pulse CEO David Osborne and Harvard Business School's Gary Loveman address how companies can overcome these obstacles in a discussion with Squawk Box co-anchor Becky Quick.

Mindfulness for Type A's: Janice Marturano shares the solution at CNBC's @Work Summit

Long days. Difficult conversations. Deadlines. Pressure to perform amidst an ever growing number of distractions. These are just some of the challenges facing executives and employees at companies big and small. The result? Stress, anxiety, and lack of focus, to name a few. Enter Janice Marturano, a former General Mills executive shares how she created a solution, backed by a growing body of scientific evidence, that some of the world's leading businesses and their CEOs are turning to.

My "Crazy" Story: Changing the game of mental health at CNBC's @Work Summit

Eric Kussin was one of the most respected executives in professional sports when a debilitating mental health battle that "seemingly came out of nowhere" sent him rock bottom. He shares his story of battling back, and his efforts to help remove the stigma of mental illness. With a Q & A session with CNBC's Becky Quick following the presentation.

Battling Absenteeism Using Movement as Medicine at CNBC's @Work Summit

Bad backs. Carpel tunnel. Knee problems. Musculoskeletal issues are the single biggest cause of lost workdays, affecting 1/3 of all employees. Sports medicine expert and author Dr. Jordan Metzl has a prescription that is more potent, accessible, and effective than any drug: exercise. He shares simple strategies designed to make a big impact on your everyday life, and those of your employees.

A Conversation with Ginni Rometty at CNBC @Work Summit

The fourth Industrial revolution is bringing a tidal wave of transformation across industries and around the world. Developing and retaining an agile workforce is critical for every company. IBM's transformative chief executive Ginni Rometty discusses best strategies for leading a company and its workforce through change with Jon Fortt.

Measuring Workforce Happiness, with SurveyMonkey's Jon Cohen at CNBC @Work Summit

CNBC and SurveyMonkey debut the Workplace Happiness Index, a new measurement of workplace satisfaction, live at the CNBC @Work Summit. How do Americans feel about their work, the value of their contributions, opportunities for growth, work/life balance, hopes and concerns about the future, and of course, their compensation? SurveyMonkey's Chief Research Officer Jon Cohen looks inside the numbers for a unique view of what makes your employees tick with CNBC anchor Tyler Mathisen.

Trust me: Building a culture of trust in an era of uncertainty from CNBC's @Work Summit

Squawk Box co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin leads a conversation at CNBC's @Work Summit on the topic of trust in the workplace. Cisco EVP and Chief People Officer Francine Katsoudas, Columbia Business School professor and author of "The End of Competitive Advantage" Rita McGrath, and Senior EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of The Walt Disney Company Jayne Parker discuss strategies to maintain loyalty and focus in an era of uncertainty.

Making Work Better: Finding the right balance between people + tech and work + life at CNBC's @Work Summit

The very definition of "work" is changing, and prompting big questions: What are our most valuable human skills? What should workers expect from their employers, and employers from their workers? What is the right balance between people + tech and work + life? Basecamp co-founder and CEO, and author of "Rework" Jason Fried and NYU Stern School of Business Vasant Dhar discuss these issues with Jon Fortt.

The Equity Imperative: Moving the needle on diversity and inclusion at work at CNBC's @Work Summit

It's 2019 and diversity and inclusion in business is still a goal, not an accomplishment. Amy Lui Abel of The Conference Board, Eric Hutcherson, CHRO of the National Basketball Association and Nancy Reyes of TBWA\Chiat\Day New York sit down with NBCUniversal Chief Diversity Officer Craig Robinson at CNBC's @Work Summit to explore actionable ideas and initiatives aimed at moving the needle on diversity in the workplace.

CHRO 3.0: Making the CHRO of the future indispensable at CNBC's @Work Summit

The future-proof talent executive is a critical strategic business partner, a person who leverages data and analytics to tie workforce-related decisions to tangible business outcomes. Merryck & Co. Managing Director and Fmr. NYT "Corner Office" columnist Adam Bryant, Microsoft Chief People Officer Kathleen Hogan, and Adobe CHRO Donna Morris share key qualities that will make the CHRO of the future indispensable.

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