Joseph Stiglitz weighs in on Universal Basic Income and the future of work

Joseph Stiglitz on income inequality, automation and UBI

Joseph Stiglitz talks about solutions to growing inequality, Universal Basic Income and the future of work in a conversation at the New York Stock Exchange.

Stiglitz says he is "not a big UBI person," but he still "understands there are some advantages" to the idea. Instead he thinks the basic responsibility of the government should be to "make sure there's a job for everybody who's able and willing to work."

"I may be a little old-fashioned on this: I think there's a certain dignity from work," he says.

The professor at Columbia University also argues that mass movements are necessary to change the publicly set rules driving the economy in his new book, People, Power, and Profits: Progressive Capitalism for an Age of Discontent.  

Watch the video above for more from the Nobel Prize-Winning economist on universal basic income, inequality, and the how technology will transform the future of work.

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