FA 100
The 2022 Financial Advisor 100 list will be revealed tomorrow at 8a ET
FA 100

Here's how we determine the FA 100 list

CNBC enlisted data provider AccuPoint Solutions to assist with the ranking of registered investment advisors for this year's FA 100 list.

The methodology consisted of first analyzing a variety of core data points from AccuPoint's database of financial services firms. This analysis started with an initial list of 37,369 RIA firms.

AccuPoint then applied weighted categories to further refine and rank the firms, ultimately creating the list of the top 100.

The primary data points used in the analysis were reviewed, either as a minimum baseline or within a range, eliminating those firms that did not meet our requirements. Once the initial list was compiled, weightings were also applied accordingly. These data points included:

• Disclosures
• Number of years in the business
• Number of employees
• Number of investment advisors registered with the firm
• The ratio of investment advisors to total number of employees
• Total assets under management
• Percentage of discretionary assets under management
• Total accounts under management
• Number of states where the RIA is registered
• Country of domicile